I log into a BH20 unit, I can get to the home page just fine. When I try and click on another link like configuration I get an “Out of Resources” error. he page is blank. I cant click on any other category because it gives me this same error. Has anyone seen this? Please advise. Thanks.

Power cycle the unit.
Also see about upgrading your software version on the radio.

I have recycled power. Yes, I do get functionality back. But the next time I log in or 2-3 times from then I try and log in, I get the same thing. I am also at the newest firmware version. This was doing it on the older firmware version as well so it isn’t a firmware issue unless it exists in both firmware issues. Any other ideas? I don’t think recycling power on the unit every time I need to use it is a fix.

Do you have a public or private IP in the radio? A public IP will get hit with a lot of junk traffic and cause the web server to overload.

I have a private IP. I am not an ISP, I work for a Water Company that links Water Tanks together as well as our northern offices with our southern offices.

If you are running Prizm, you can just issue a reboot command remotely to the out of resources device.

Replace the Unit and RMA it.