outdiscards Count in BH10


I’m having this problem of huge outdiscards Count on my radio stats… My link is 19 miles and it is registered with signal -76/77dBm and jitter 2/3. I’m not getting where’s this problem arising from… link capacity test shows good efficiency…

Can anybody please help me out in this matter??? it would be really appreciable…

Thank you…

Have you checked for interference

Are your AP’s/BH’s using the magic sauce (sync)? What software are the radios using? How many customers are on the link?

punit wrote:
link capacity test shows good efficiency....

What are the link test results?

The BH is not using sync as we have just two in that location and is registered to one.

The link test shows following results:

Current Results Status
Stats for LUID: 2 Test Duration: 8 Pkt Length: 1522

Downlink RATE: 3275008 bps
Uplink RATE: 3071296 bps
Aggregate RATE: 6346304 bps
Pkt Xmt (Act/Exp): 2006/0
Pkt Rcv (Act/Exp): 2132/0

Downlink Efficiency: 100 Percent
Downlink Index (Act/Max): 100/100
Frag Count (Act/Exp): 51172/51172

Uplink Efficiency: 100 Percent
Uplink Index (Act/Max): 100/100
Frag Count (Act/Exp): 47989/47989

Have you tried moving to a different frequency?

I haven’t yet tried to move it to a different frequencies since it was working well in the current one before and there are no other equipment added during this period.

Well it will be worth to give a try…

I was under the impression that if outdiscards went up on the RF side then you might be saturating your link and the radio is discarding what it can’t send through to keep up.