What is everyone using for Outdoor Rated Cat5E? Currently we are using Belden 1594A and it has worked great for us but our distributor said that it is going up (AGAIN!!) $12 more dollars in the next 2 weeks. Wanted to hear from the rest of you what works well. We are located in Central Ohio and see all kinds of different weather patterns. Thanks for everyones input!

OH!! BTW… currently we are paying $118.00 per 1000’ box. It is going up to $130.00.

Ya copper is through the roof right now. And it’s only gonna get worse from what I hear. You might want to look up a manufacturer called Homeworx. They make OD Cat5e and it’s cheap. Or you can go with Supirior Essex cable and pay through the teeth…but it’s great cable :slight_smile:

I’m sticking with the Belden. Cost of copper is cost of copper.

The only way to sell the cable cheaper is to use lower quality copper and jacket material. I don’t need the headaches of connectors not crimping properly, internal breaks in the wire, crappy jacket, etc.

Jerry. What Belden are you using? Are you using the 1594A and if so, where are you getting it from? Distributor?

Control Master in Concord CA

They are the area Belden distributor.

I think we have been paying around 120, but I suspect it will be 130 next time.

We also use Beldin 1594A. We found a local supplier in our area who stocks it. Last 1000ft box we bought was $135.

I’ve been buying this for a while: http://www.directron.com/k5e1kutpcmxtbk.html

It’s $129 and rated for direct burial as well as UV resistance. I wonder what the Belden cable is like. I had a hard time finding UV rated Belden cable that was less than $160 for 1000’ so I will check that out too. This direct bury stuff is kinda heavy. They have a cheaper UV resistant version of it that’s $99 but the jacket isn’t as nice as the direct bury stuff. Having used about 10 boxes of this so far, we haven’t seen any quality issues with the wires, but the non direct-bury jacket sucks.

ordered two boxes of the 1594A today. 133/1000.

I like it because
A. It’s Belden
B. Nice Jacket
C. Pulls from the box well.

right now I get the Belden 1594A from a distributor here in Columbus for $118 a box. I think that is about to go up to $130. If anyone is interested in this price at this distributor I can get you in the information.

Has anyone else had an issue with the Beldon boxes being weak when you pick them up and the box splits? I have had numerous ones happen this way. Not only splitting by the handle but the side of the box splitting as well. I never use to have this issue till they switched box types.

I use Beldin 7919A UV Shielded with the Flood. Last time I looked it was Highly recommended to use a cat5 cable with the flood wire.

Why use the Flood wire. It goes hand-in-Hand with the Shielded Plugs and the Grounding Block

No Flood — No Ground.

If you’re not using a cat5 with a flood you’re not grounding the units properly. In which case, insurance or warrantee services always question if the unit was properly grounded before they honor any event.

Draw back is that it’s not cheap, meaning I keep the point of entry as close as I can to the SM.

Another advantage is the Beldin 7919A can be buried.

We Use 7919a also. It’s more money but it works very well. it’s the same size as RG-6 so we can use all the wonderful things the sat and cable companies use.

i think we ay about 290 per 1000.