Outerrors & latecollision errors

We’re getting these errors on all the 6 APs of our 900Mhz cluster. The number for the latecollision is the same as the number for outerrors. To give a breakdown of the tower setup.
Base of tower we have the T-1s which go to the switch. Fiber goes 450 feet up the tower with a transceiver at each end. From the transceiver on the top it goes into the CMM. We’ve had power problem on the tower that we’re guessing is from the FM broadcaster that is also on the tower at about 350 Ft. On the CMM & APs we’ve turned it to 10MB Full Duplex but still getting errors. Anyone else seen this?

Preliminary might have fixed it, I had only unchecked the 100 half & full-duplex on the APs. I went and unchecked 10 half-duplex also and so far no errors. I’ll keep monitoring though.