overloaded AP

guys whats the best way to determine if an AP is being overloaded ?

what does the BwRequest on the SM tell you ?

i would just set up a cacti server and watch the bandwidth usage…watching PPS may be a lil more difficult.

we got that… .(MRTG)…

problem is the max bandwidth limit is deceptive as it is based on optimum packet size …

so in theory you can max an AP at much lower bandwidth…

You should be able to use the RTT (round trip time or ping time) to determine this. Run something like smokeping (I think Cacti can do it as well) to monitor SMs connecting to the AP. You could for example monitor some of the clients getting service from that AP. When all their RTTs go up, you’ll know that the AP or some link in between is overloaded.

If you’re monitoring every hop of the way you’ll be able to know exactly where the bottleneck is.

we do the ping tests, they are not always conclusive or as expected… I thought Canopy may have a MIB I could track to see if it is too busy