Another thread brings up the question, how much can you actually oversubscribe your bandwidth?

We had about 80 users on a single T1 before it finally saturated. About half were at 600k and the other hald was at 1.2M. I would say we were probably at 30:1 oversubscription which is too much. I think that realistically you can get away with 20:1 before anyone will see a difference.

We watch our network for P2P, and so far there is very little. If we see more and more coming up we will have to get a box that will limit that traffic.

we were getting near 80 customers per t1 line @ ~384k services, any more then that and we started seeing problems. but this also brings up another question. If i have ~900 customers on fiber and that line goes down…is it even worth it to have a back up t1 line? I was thinking about putting like ~200 biz customers on it so they would at least keep some connectivity. Anyone else play with a config like this?

we have 2 VSAT links with aggregate of about 10MB inbound serving about 700 customers 17.5:1 and we struggle… mainly because we allow limited P2P

in the event of failure we kill residential and block p2p… serve just the business and dedicated…

we run BGP and if one of the link fails we move automatically migrate across to the other link… internally HSRP and OSPF will move all traffic across… .but we have to manually intervene to kill off customers…