Ownership Conflict

I am having a problem when onboarding an EPMP 1000 AP, the status says that there is an Ownership Conflict. And when seen the logs, I get this. I what to know what can be the issue?. Regards. 

Can yo please let me know where do you see the error "Ownership Conflict". Also Can you attach a screenshot of the home page of the device.


Vivek Gupta 

Hello I am seeing it on the main window of the EPMP MASTER 

Hi ,

This issue arises normally when the same device is claimed in different accounts without unclaiming in one of the accounts. To debug further, Please share the MAC Address of the device and the cnMaestro Account ID in which the device is on boarded earlier , personally through the following mail address krishna.reddum@cambiumnetworks.com .



I have the similar problem with cnPilot E400 demo device I received after another user who onboarded it probably on his own cnMaestro account and has not unclaimed it before returning it back to CN partner.

This E400 shows onboarded status "connected" and there is no way for me to claim it to my cnMaestro account. What to do with that problem? The documentation does not advice.

Please contact Cambium Support team with device serial number, MAC address and your Cambium ID.