P-10 component issue

TITLE: P-10 Boards

PRODUCTS: Canopy P10 Radios

RELEASE: 8.x and up

PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: The Canopy team has found a higher than expected failure rate for P10 radio boards. This affects all frequencies except 900 MHz, and usually results in a loss of RF sensitivity or inability to maintain an RF link. Investigation of board failures continues with the analysis of returned radios from customers.

HOW ISSUE WAS RESOLVED/WORK AROUND: The development and manufacturing teams are gaining confidence that they have found the root cause. The investigation at the moment is focused on an elevated failure rate of one particular component. We are verifying the root cause of failures and identifying which lots of Canopy radios were potentially affected by the component issue. The development team is working hard to get through the analysis and we will provide updated information as soon as possible.


POINT OF CONTACT FOR WORK AROUND SOFTWARE (If required): Return any defective units via standard RMA process.

… :?

Give em a break guys, pretty damn good track record if you ask me.

I agree. As far as hardware goes, these radios are so reliable. Out of 2600 SMs we have in service, we may have about 100 that failed. Another bunch we replaced even though they were working because we don’t like to have hardware too old (p7)

As far as APs and BHs goes, we havent replaced a single one due to hardware failure in 4 years. Those that did get replaced, were replaced to upgrade to advantage

Now, as far as software goes… Well, this thread is not about that… :smiley: