P-T-P LAN extension

Our client has deployed a standard 10/100 Base T LAN. They run at 100 full.

They operate using VOIP and with several server based apps (CRM stuff).

We need to extend their LAN to an office location less than 1 mile from the main location.

The client insists they need a 100 Mb extension…of course we know they do not.

How do we prove/illustrate that their actual bandwidth requirement/load between the two offices is something significantly less than 100 Mb’s?

We beleive that a 10 Mb BH (through-put of 6Mb, set for 50/50) will handle the load.

If they have a switch that support SNMP why not just install MRTG for them and monitor the traffic on the ports?

A copy can be optained from the following link.

Hope this help.