P10 AP

Hello Folks;
I was configuring a P10 AP ,it is my first time configuring one, i did made some mistakes and now i am in trouble, i can’t go into the AP anymore. When i was configuring the AP i did enabled DHCP on it and did not check the option if you want a default if you insert a default plug. That option was not checked and because of that i can’t do reset.
Can someone please give me a solution.

Set up DHCP server, some router like Linksys will do the job. Then look at the bridge table, find the assigned IP and you can access your AP trough it.

If you put plug you can access the SM with the default IP. That option hides the settings from for example your competition.

Wich software version is your P10 AP?

Hi Erkan,
The version i have is CANOPY 8.1.4 AP DES.
I tried with the default plug but it not working , i guess i have a problem with my cabling and procedure on how to do the reset.
I need your solution

http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&safe ... tnG=Search