P10 Lite SM with P9 AP


I am trying to get a 5.4GHz Canopy Lite SM that came preinstalled with 8.1.4 to register with a P9 Access Point that came with 7.2.9 preinstalled. I have tried upgrading from 7.2.9 to 7.3.6 to 8.1.5 but the Lite SM is failing to register with the AP. I have also tried upgrading the Lite SM to 8.1.5, but still no joy.

However, under the same conditions, a P9 SM (not a Lite version) is able to register with the AP irrespective of the software version (whether as 7.3.6 or 8.1.5 on both the AP and SM, it is able to register without a problem).

I am thinking the problem is the difference in hardware platform. Is my assumption correct or there is something else I am missing.


Taken from the Canopy Release 8 User Guide section 5.1.6
"A Canopy Lite SM can communicate with only a Canopy Advantage AP."

Sounds like you have a standard AP instead of an Advantage AP.