P10 SMs

We just got in a batch of SMs and all are P10 boards,we have advantage APs P9 running 7.3.6 and everything works great with our clients having P9 7.3.6 SMs,we connected a client today with a new P10 SM and it all appears fine,question is will I have any problems connecting P10 SMs to a P9 Advantage AP running 7.3.6 or will I have to upgrade all exsisting clients and APs to 8.x.x ?

Highly unlikely that you will have any problems.

While they will communicate while running on different releases, it is strongly recommended to have the entire sector on the same release. With a mix of 7.x and 8.x for example, you may see some odd behavior on the Sessions page, “LUIDing” to an SM, passwords as you move between pages, link test, etc. due to changes between the two releases.

P10 SM has this field:
Antenna Polarization : Vertical

Does this mean that there will be canopies with horizontal polarisation?

What firmware version came on the P10 hardware?

This is as they appear in sessions:

8.1.4 (Build1) Nov3 2006
FPGA Version: 102606 (Des Sch) P10

On the P10 radios with 8.1.4, is there a Frame Calculator?

If so, does the frame calculator include Platform Type P7, P8, P9, and P10?

So the P10s can be downgraded to 7.3.6 with no problems, right?

Jerry Richardson wrote:
On the P10 radios with 8.1.4, is there a Frame Calculator?

If so, does the frame calculator include Platform Type P7, P8, P9, and P10?

Yes there is. It includes P10. But it's no different then P9 SM with sw 8.1.4.

No problems with downgrade. Interesting is that when the SM is downgraded in session status says that is P9 board. When I upgrade it again, this time to weird ting - Board Type : P9. There is no data for the polarisation.

I guess that there is no difference between P9 and P10. In release notes for P10 there is this: "Supports new modules (P10 hardware) that meet the European Union Restriction of Hazardous Substance (RoHS) directive."

I heard a story that some great Moto equipment which doesn't meet this regulation couldn't be both in Germany. So, one company form Macedonia buys the radios, then ships them to EU. No problems with that :)

According to Moto the P10’s come shipped with 8.1.4 or CAN NOT be down graded to 7.3.6 or any earlier release.

Frothingdog.ca wrote:
According to Moto the P10's come shipped with 8.1.4 or CAN NOT be down graded to 7.3.6 or any earlier release.

Maybe this voids the guaranty, but it can be done.

The P10 boards are very much different. Now there is one processor, there were two. There is one small chip for memory, there were two. The positon of jtag is changed. I can take pictures if someone is interested.

Hi All,
I have received some new P10 SM’s with the 8.1.4 Firmware on.
I have tried connecting them to CNut and downgrading them to 7.3.6 but It comes up and says the 7.3.6 is not compatible with the hardware.
If someone knows a way to get them onto 7.3.6, please share it here.

Pictures… I’m interested

Erkan, How did you downgrade P10 SM to 7.3.6?
cnut 1.0?

The first time I was testing this it just passed. I’m 100% sure that it was P10 in the menu. That was the only time I succeeded downgrade.

I’d be curious to see pics of the board. In particular I’d like to know the CPU architecture. PPC, 680x0 , x86?

Answering to previus questions on this topic:
Erkan: yes its going to be canopy with horizontal polarization, there is even going to be some turbo AP with more bandwith…

CVS: I am trying to downgrade P10 SM with no luck so far…


There will be Canopy with horizontal this summer. But knowing Motrola I have to ask my self which summer.

I’m also interested in pictures…just out of curiosity.

Supposedly our order directly from Moto is backordered for our connectorized APs. The ordering dept. was told “soldering” was being done and they should start shipping in Aug. I’m either being bluffed by my ordering guys or Moto is really doing something. I’m expecting them to be P10 hardware, which is unfortunate in my opinion, as I’d rather stick with P9 7.3.6 as it is working and I don’t want to tempt the fate of the wireless daemons. =)

Upon talking to Motorola tech, they confirmed, as I suspected and read here, that you cannot downgrade a P10 to 7.3.6 software. I’m uneasy about 8.1.x software as I have seen many reported problems regarding ethernet and/or NAT issues with SMs. Right now, the entire network is comprised of 7.3.6 APs/SMs w/NAT enabled. I do not think a whole network revamp to the new software/hardware is in line at this point, and once again, I’m uneasy about deploying it in nearby areas.

Can I get any type of confirmation regarding the backorder for 900MHz APs (connectorized)? Hopefully smoke isn’t billowing into my ass right now…

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