P10 vrs P9


Is there any advantage to getting P10 hardware over P9?

It seem you can get p9 much cheaper for a 2.4 AP etc.



P10 will do more PPS.

Also, P10s (and P11s) reboot in like 13 seconds with firmware 9.3.

Not a huge deal but kinda cool.

Are P11 boards being manufactured?

I thought all Multipoint Canopy is P10 right now…


Per the release notes for 9.3, P11s are the newest boards that will be coming out soon.

Depends on which products you are choosing. Avoid APs with P9 boards in them. They have a known problem where they will no longer obtain GPS Sync Timing from the Power Port. Could have the same problem from BHs but I don’t know that for sure. SMs would be ok.