P11 Cyclone AP doesn't refresh "site name" for home -> remote subscribers tab

In the process of verifying the locations of our customers, we noticed that some site names appeared several times in the home->remote subscribers and home->session status tabs.

Since all the other information (ip, mac, and actual current site name on the SM radios) matches our records, I'm assuming that the AP is just showing the radio's old name (though these customers are so old I'm having trouble finding them in our database so can't verify that the IP and/or mac addresses really match the original users).

Does anyone know a way to make it update the site names?


Device Type : 5.7GHz - Access Point
Software Version : CANOPY 12.1 AP-DES
Board Type : P11
FPGA Version : 090711
FPGA Type : C40
PLD Version : 1