P11 SM Throughput

I am putting this out there to see if anyone has seen anything similar…

Scenario :
P11 SM (version 9.42. & 9.5)
P9 AP Advantage ( version 9.5 )

Linktest states upper 90% in 2x Mode
However actual throughput is only around 1-2 Mbit Down

Swap SM with P9 or P10 Hardware in same exact position , speeds are in acceptable 7-9 Meg Ranges

Any Thoughts?


Well this issue has been resolved, It seems as though P11 Boards don’t like 10 Meg interfaces.
The SM would only negotiate at 10 Half Duplex even though the router would be stating 10 Full

Regardless forced the interface on the SM to 10 Full and things are looking MUCH BETTER!

I even tried Auto 10F/10H and still only would link up 10 Half!

Customer is happy getting their 8-9 Meg Down and 3 Up!