P7&P8 hardware scheduler problem

Can somebody tell me how to update P7&P8 FPGA to support Hardware Scheduler?

when i use CNUT1.1(and i already add external tool --CNUTHwScheduler.jar), i add P8 SM, and i refresh it, i can see all infomation about SM. but when i lanch external tool–CNUTHwScheduler.jar, i cannot find and element list. so no any SM info can be found in Canopy Advantage Platform Scheduler Configurator.

I want to know someone succese updating P8 using Hardware Scheduling?

I upgraded a lot of old SMs to HW sched with no problems.

can you tell me the detail of upgrating process?

I already finish updating P7&P8 hardware scheduling, but in configuration, I find there is no selection between hardware scheduling and software scheduling as P9, is it true?

and does it only distinguish using FPGA?

I’m curious too… since Mot documentation hasn’t caught up with the software yet. I have a lot of 5.7 P8 A.P.s that have no hardware scheduling option, but all the 5.7 P8 SMs connected to them do. And I’m too nervous to try one because then I have to roll a truck.