P7 SM support HS?

Anyone remember?
P7 SM support HS on 7.3.6?

According to this chart from page 13 of the 7.3.6 release notes, it looks like it does.

Hi all,

Any idea if they will handle soft. ver 8?

Yes. P7, P8 and P9 hardware handles software 8.1
(release notes)

You lose high priority channel with 8.1.


I was under the impression that 8.1 only did Hardware scheduling. We have yet to update our network, but my first pass at the user manual made me think we’d have to use the CNUT tool to force everything to Hardware scheduling, and then do the upgrade to 8.1:

28.1.1 Canopy Release 8 Features
Canopy Release 8 introduces the following new features:
◦ Scheduling Limited to Hardware Scheduler

True, 8.1 does not do software scheduling. The question was does P7 level hardware support hardware scheduling on 7.3.6. It just sort of wandered in to 8.1 territory… :lol:

And keep in mind that he is asking about SMs. P7 and P8 APs will not support HWS.