P8 boards with hardware scheduling and 8.2.7

I have a small network that I have just updated all of the AP’s to P9 advantage platforms and 8.2.7 firmware. The networks SM population is a mixture of p8 and p9 boards. I have updated all of the p8’s to hardware scheduleing using the add in program from CNUT 2.2 and the p9’s are also configured for hardware scheduling. All of the SM’s are now at 8.2.7. The network seems to work however I have one of my updated AP’s that has a mixture of P8 and P9’s on them go down a few times a day. What I see is the P8 boards are rebooting while the p9’s stay up. There are 46 SM’s on this AP with about half p8 and the other half p9’s. Does anyone have any ideas on how I should approch the problem?