P8 Hardware Scheduling

I am wondering how to get a P8 unit to hardware scheduling?

Can this be done?


CNUT 2.2, 7.3.6 Software:

Flash the software then Run the Canopy Advantage Platform Scheduler from the Tools menu. Enable Hardware mode and run the script.

After that you can upgrade safely to , at your own risk to 8.2.7 or 9.0

Hope this helps.

I have done this to P7 boards and it works great.


Wait, so you can upgrade old P8 5.7APs to hardware scheduling?

What pros & cons are to doing this to old boards?

Not AP’s,
Only SM’s.

Ok, but that does help in that if we were to ever replace our old P8 5.7SMs with 5.7 Advantage, i could software update our old SMs to connect to the new APs right?

I’ll assume you mean upgrading your your P8 AP’s to Advantage ;-). Correct.

That was the original “No SM left behind” motto when Moto made HW scheduling the supported platform.

I still buy P8SM’s - upgrade to v7.3.6, switch them to HW scheduling, and then upgrade to v9

Correct, we’re planning on buying a new 5.7 advantage cluster and replacing that with the P8 APs that are up there now.

Then I’ll just upgrade the SMs through software.

Just remember that P10 AP’s can’t run SW scheduling. With P9 AP’s you could do your upgrade, switch the SM’s to HW, flip the AP to HW and all the SM’s would re-register.

With a P10 AP you will need to upgrade SM’s to 7.3.6 and switch them to HW scheduling where they will drop their session until you physically swap the AP.

NOTE: When you switch SM’s to HW they don’t always take the switch the first time. Sometimes you have to run the tool twice. We have also had SM’s that would not take the switch until we used the tool to set the SM to SW (even though it was in SW), and then switch to HW to get it to take.

The first thing you will notice is that SM’s that are marginal will have a better link and they will register more quickly.

Hi guys, i have problem when using CNUT to upgrade a P8 BH unit to hardware scheduling. The BH now is using 7.3.6 and i understand that i have to change to hardware scheduling first before i can upgrade to 8.1.5.

When using Advantage Platform Scheduler, after selected the software package, the BH is not in the list of the element.
the log showed as below:

Launching: java -cp tools/CNUTHwScheduler.jar -DFTP_PASSIVE_MODE=false src.MainFrame
Start Time: December 22, 2008 11:19:45 AM SGT
12/22/08 11:19:52 INFO SYSTEM Log Level Changed to : INFO
Scheduler Configurator Tool. Version 2.0.1
Waiting for Element List …
Receiving Element List …
Element List Received
No Elements to Configure
Cannot identify an appropriate software package that supports both Hardware Scheduler and Software Scheduler.
Please select a CNUT software package using the browse button at the top this screen.
Using Package File: C:'Documents and Settings’zxc10’My Documents’CANOPY736_DES.pkg2
No Elements to Configure
Pre-processing Element Information.
No Changes are being made at this time.
SKIP: -> Not an AP/APAS/SM
Pre-processing Completed …
No Elements to Configure

Can anyone give some advise on this?

P8 BH’s cannot do HW scheduling. Only SM’s.

you need P9 BH’s to get HW scheduling.