P9 5.4 AP that after changing it to SM mode for a Spectrum..

One of our Canopy Customer found that on a P9 5.4 AP running software version 9.4, after changing it to SM mode for a Spectrum Analysis, the Configuration Source parameter gets locked in Authentication Server and won’t change

Canopy Technical Support have confirmed this is a bug on P9 Access Points running software release 9.4 regardless of whether you switch to SM mode. Canopy Engineers are currently investigating this issue and a fix will be provided in a future release. As a workaround, you could issue a SNMP set to the Access Point to change this parameter to the correct setting.


snmpset –v <SNMP_Version> -c <SNMP_Community_String> <IP> <OID> <OID_data_type> <value>

snmpset -v 2c -c Canopy i 3

If you need to re-familiarize yourself with the SNMP set command, please visit http://www.manpagez.com/man/1/snmpset/. I’ve also included the necessary information about the OID below. You can find this information on our website at http://canopywireless.com/support/online_tools/


Object ID:

0: bam
1: sm
2: bamsm

Access: read-write
Status: current