PA H and V overload

Hello, I have a PTP650 installation . The data is thru MM fiber connected to the SFP and the power is thru the POE injector. I am getting a message on the homepage which says PA H and V oveload. The PA H and V overload has been triggered. The radio is rebooting every minute. does anyone know how to rectify this problem

We do not expect to see this alarm state in normal operation. It may indicate a hardware fault, so please contact Cambium Support to arrange an RMA for this unit.

If you have the unit configured for maximum power, you might like to reduce the Tx Power attribute by a few dB and check what happens. 

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We have replaced the radio which was giving the PA H and V overload issue with a new radio. However we are facing a very peculiar issue with the new radio installed at this location. The link is working fine for some hours to be specific (2:00 PM to 9:00 AM) and suddenly it goes down and then it starts rebooting every 10 mins and we are not able to ping this radio even locally. then again it starts working at 2:00 PM and continues to do so till 9:00 AM the next day. My question is as follows

1. Could there be a power issue ? 

2. Is the radar bring down the radio? 

3. The link is crossing a airport runway, but the radio which is near the airport runway is not going down, but the radio at the far end is going down. The distance is about 11 Kms. 

I have attached the SYSLOG file for the radio which is going down. Pls help

Thanks for the additional information. To answer your questions:

1. It could well be a power issue. The cold start reason "Unknown" indicates that the ODU did not write a reason to non-volatile memory before the unit went down. This almost always indicates a power cycle.

2. The problem might be caused by very high level interference from an airport radar. It's difficult for any radio product to handle interference from a microwave transmitter with several kW of peak power and a huge antenna.

3. I agree that with the affected radio 11 km from the airport, this rather suggests that the airport radar is not the problem.

You pointed out that the relative time for the syslogs incrents by 10 minutes between re-starts. This is actually an artifact of the way that PTP 650 processes elapsed time, and does not mean that the restarts really happened at precise 10 minute intervals. It seems more likely that the up time between each restart was something less than 10 minutes. This means that the power supply could be randomly intermittent. You shouldn't be looking for a strictly periodic power problem.

I suggest you gather the field diagnostics file from both ends of the link and send them to Customer Support. If you would like, mention my name and reference this Forum message.

To gather the field diagnistics file, go to the web page at where (of course) is the IP address of your unit. You should see this page:

Diags Options.png

Click on the button, and you should see this dialog:

Diag dialogue.png

Click OK to save the file and then send it to us. The file you generate will be named using the MAC address and IP address of your unit.


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