Pac wireless antenna

Hello group. What are the thoughts on Pacific Wireless yagi antennas for 900MHz?

How do they compare to M2?

Thanks a million, everyone have a great weekend.


Is short they’re not as good. I’ve seen as much as 8db difference

In the last 4 months I have had to pull 6 of the Cushcraft Yagis (same as PacWireless I think) and replace them with M2’s or grids.

It appears that the assembly of the Cushcrafts allows water to intrude between the receiving element and the antenna and loses as much as 6dB. when you are going 15+ miles, that’s a big problem.

Besides M2, we’ve also had good luck with Terrawaves yagi antennas. They are a TESSCO product but the form factor is much smaller and the performance takes no noticeable hit. A lot easier to work with that what we were using before (Hyperlink).

I still have not tried this antenna out yet - I just got my hands on some 14dbi M2s with the new mount. It rocks! Is by far the easiest, most solid mount I have worked with thus far.

Just my .05.