packet filter questions

Hey folks -

I have researched the SM packet filters and decided to implement the 6 filters that have been discussed on this forum. Most of my SMs are bridged, with a Mikrotik box handing out private IPs to the SMs.

So anyway, they all appear to be working except the BootP client and/or BootP server filters.

I don’t know which is causing the problem, but one of the two, or maybe both, is causing me to lose connectivity (happening right now on a Windows Vista Home basic PC with all updates installed).

Anyone seen this, or have any advice concerning it?

BootP client WILL cause connections issues when using DHCP if checked. IT blocks the DHCP request.

ok, but why will it not work when not using DHCP/NAT but simply using bridging?

Those filters block requests originating from the ethernet side and going out the radio side.