Packet loss issue with PTP 500 on Modulation Change

Packet loss issue with PTP 500

Is there anyway to stop this happening without locking off the top Modulation Modes.

We have a NLOS link with loss between 120 and 130dB dependant on fade. It sits mostly in 64 QAM 7/8. However when it downshifts in Modulation it sometimes drops the odd packet I would say less then 1%.

I know with The PTP 400 the latency and packets per seconds were higher but at least they weren’t so prone to dropping a packet on modulation downshift.

I have noticed this issue much more with the PTP 300 & 500 compared to the PTP 400.

We are running 58500-02-00 software on these PTP 500’s I noticed there is a 03-03 release not sure if this will help.