Packet Loss Problem

I have a 2.4 link that seems to drop around 20% of the packets when under load. Link test is perfect (100%/99%) and Internet speed tests also work perfectly. It is an old P7 doing software scheduling.

Is it really dropping packets or does it prioritize packets and drop ICMP packets when under load?

How many SM’s?
What is the sustained and burst traffic going through the SM?

Interference can also have a more pronounced effect as the #SM’s and/or traffic flow increases.

You should monitor traffic load using SNMP. Packet loss could be normal when you reach the maximum throughput of the AP or SM.

Single SM, using as a point to point setup.

Noise floor is high. The weird thing, when I run an Internet speed test it, at the beginning it will drop 2 maybe 3 packets and then be fine. Almost like it is compensating for the additional traffic flow and making an internal adjustment.

This is an old P7 AP, would hardware scheduling help the problem?

I’ve tried on all different channels as well as limiting the speed (both at the SM and router levels) with no difference.

What software version?


P7 AP’s won’t support HW scheduling. Only P9 and later.

Are you sure it’s the radio link that’s the problem and not the router it’s connected to?

I understand about the hardware platform. I am referring to replacing the AP with one that supports hardware scheduling.

I doubt it is the router. The router is a Mikrotik and the CPU doesn’t spike or anything when under load.

If you have another AP it would be worth the swap to test.