Packetflux GPS

Does anyone know of a way to get a hold of these people? They do not answer phones or return emails.

What is that? You mean the manufacturer?

They are indeed very hard to get in contact with. I would almost think it’s a guy making these things out of his basement. I have went months without an answered email, or call for that matter. It really is one of the things they should think of fixing before too long.

Mind sharing a link?

and how does their product work?

THere’s a few different ways to use their products. I have done better with using the syncpipes at the top of the tower timing via short timing cables (with a splitter). If you use the sync injector (like a cmm realy and the whole kit is less than 300bucks) make SURE that all grounding is done correctly.

Here is a previous discussion that I explained some things about their stuff…

Read through that and you will find more information.

I usually use these at towers with only a few BH or one AP at the end of my network. In that case, a CMM just is not feasable. Otherwise, I use CMM2s

Ok well that sucks…

I have a project planned using their products based on users here, but those guys wont answer phones or anything.

If you order from them do they ship quick?

They have shipped quick for me- but that’s only after I got ahold of them to place the order lol.

It does suck, and it’s too bad. Hopefully for the deal they get some better response time. (though, I don’t think they would reply on weekends).