Disclaimer: I’m not our canopy tech - thats an organizational political issue that needs resolved here, but our network department needs to know why the canopy is dropping 5-25% packets.

Software :CANOPY4.2.7
2.4GHz - Multipoint - Access Point
1 SM

What other information would you need to begin helping isolate the problem, without modifying configurations or leaving traces?

Kel Drindin

What is the distance between the sm and cyclone, what is the rssi and jitter and power level, how did the link test do and have you done a site survey?

RSSI is 1331, jitter is 3. Powerlevel says “25 dBm” going .59miles
I haven’t done a site survey - its not within my power to do so.

It is very easy to so the survey, do you have access to the sm and cyclone. it is easy to do the survey here is a copy of an sm at simular distance

Session Status REGISTERED
Registered AP 0a-00-3e-20-3b-b2
RSSI 1784 (-48 dBm)
Jitter 2
Air Delay 65 (approximately 0.60 miles (3185 feet))
Site Information

Subscriber Modem Stats
Session Status
Registered AP
1381 (-59 dBm)
Air Delay
65 (approximately 0.60 miles (3185 feet))

At first glance You may just need to re-aim the sm unit, make sure it has a clear view of your tower. YOur power level is at 59dbm it should be much lower.

Thanks. Dario from this forum and is friend suggested the same thing yesturday after I posted this. Now its just a matter of …translating this…to the powers that be that control the canopy unit.

:edit: that being said, our packeteer reports that “most” of the retransmissions (drops) are on the “outbound” direction… if that helps possibly narrow it or change the diagnosis from an over-power issue

Just as a test set up continuos pings to say and to their server
that will let you know where the packets are being lost.

the lower the power level means the stronger the signal. Don’t ask me why it is backwards

Well, since our canopy system is acting like an ethernet bridge …its being lost between the wireless.

That is -

LAN @ Remote Site — Packeteer Packetshaper -->SM - - - - -<-AP—Cisco Core Router—LAN

We’re experiencing the packet loss between the cisco core router and the packeteer…and all devices on either side trying to access it…so its definately the canopy.