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I am working with one of your agents and have received a proposal. Unfortunately they are very good on the radio side but not that strong on networking.

I have to connect two offices and provide Internet access. They have proposed AP at each office and 2 SM at our office. My question is how can I provide the maximum transfer rate between the two offices, yet be able to meter the Internet connection to a different rate?
Do I need the BAM in this situation? Do I need routers at each office and at my data center?

Is there any pre-sales support I can get?


Robert Macri


There are a variety of ways you can acomplish this. Setting up TWO AP’s and two SM and two AP is a bit of an over kill I think.

The Network I built in Bermuda can provide Internet or Point to Point circuits.

I use PPPoE through my entire network, so ISP users authenticate of the ISP radius servers, and the Point to Points or Multi Point to single point authenticate off the customer site. (still my network property)

I have sites etup that have Four sererate tunnels off one SM.

1. for ISP 1.
2. For ISP 2
3. For point to point to A
4. point to point to B.

I have a few sceniors where one customer shares there internet access to their small satelite offices.

If you would like more information then drop me a mail at

If Motorla are weak in the Netowrk, then I can help fill in the blanks.



I don’t think you need a BAM if you wan’t to meter Internet usage I would suggest using a proxy server/firewall device that has a provision to set bandwidth caps on protocols like http requests in your case for Internet usage.

Two routers is not such a bad idea between the two offices as it going to cut broadcast traffic between the two locations thereby leaving more available bandwidth for your WAN traffic.

I realy need to get a better idea of how you are using your computers before I would recomend the router idea.
Drop me an email if you like and I will see if I can help you.
Terry Lowery