Parts Inside a AC Adapter power supply

This is what I found inside the Motorola 24 Volt DC ACPS110 AC Adapter.
It had gone bad.

1 Transformer

4 Diodes 1N4002

1 1.5 K ohms 5% tolerance resistor
(length is slightly smaller then the diameter of a dime)

1 10 M Ohm 5% tolerance resistor

1 35 Volt 1000 micro farad 105 degrees C Capacitor

1 small green LED

Inside the transformer they have a fuse.

Why are you asking?
You want to built the power supply?

I am not really asking anything. Just noting that I took apart the AC Adapter that’s what I found. I have not taken apart the transformer but you say there is a fuse inside? I don’t feel like unwinding it. I did peel off some of the blue tape and saw a little a small square component
with the markings

1 A 115 °C

Something to note is that these transformers seem to go bad if the Ethernet wire run to the radio shorts. In my case, me and a friend saw some adapters go bad from hot tar melting the inside of the Ethernet cable runs.

Well, I don’t know how useful any of this is but its… been interesting looking at the schematic and parts list none-the-less.

Thanks adancalderon.