PAs are dropping clients

I have 2 AP on a tower at 5760 and 5785. They have been working properly for about the last yr, and then the other day they started to drop clients.
They both drop the clients at the same time and both re register the clients at the same time. Clients stay registered on both aps for the same length of time also.
I turned on Transmit frame spreading on all of the APs on the tower just incase that someone else had deployed canopy equipment but that didn’t help.
I also have 2 more APs on the tower with the frequency 5735 and 5760. The 2 aps using 5760 are back to back. I also have 3 back hauls at 5810 5840 and 2457.5
Strangely enough the other AP that is using 5760 has no issues. Again this cluster has been operating efficeintly for about 1 year now without any issues.

Has this ever happened to any one Motorola any advice?

Transmit framing won’t help if someone has moved close to you and is not using a cmm… I had the exact same problem. it ended up he was less than 3 miles from me tring to run an omni.

Finally got him to install a cmm be working great ever since.

You can track him down in alignment mode, if he is running moto equip.

What i forgot to mention is that the drop offs happen in a pattern. It drops the clients every hour and 45 mintues for 1 hour.

Well while it’s down look for it, I could reboot my ap and everyone would come backup for awhile then they would start dropping