Pass data on management port on 820s?

I may have gone down the wrong path here. I set these up in a lab using the management port bridged to the radio port. It worked and I could pass traffic, but didn’t test for bandwidth. Now that they are on the tower I’m only getting a few megs through it. Was I supposed to hook these up using a different ethernet port?

Put the management port on a different vLAN.

Service ID 1 type PTP with Eth1 and Radio port 1 C-Vlan 1
Service ID 257 type MNG with eth1 and Radio port 1 C-Vlan 2

I set that up and management and data can pass through the management cable now. But I’m getting 5 megs throughput lol. What could I possibly be doing wrong here? Radios are tuned pretty close to what linkplanner predicted and they claim they can do over 400 megs each way with their current setup. These things are frustrating.

You would never want to use the management port to pass user data. You need to use ETH1 to pass payload data. Did you try setting this up with quick config?

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I’m more or less copying some exising radios we have in service that were setup by someone no longer in the company. These are the first ones I’ve tried to deploy. So essentially, I need to run a 2nd cable to the other ethernet port to make these work? If so I’ll do that, but I don’t understand the logic of it when all other backhauls don’t work this way.

You can access the management on any port. Put the management and data “service(s)” on separate VLANs on ETH1. You can leave the management untagged on the MGMT port but don’t put a service carrying PTP data on the MGMT port.