Pass more than one vlan over PTP

Hello, i need to pass more than one vlan over a PTP link for mpls configuration but the radio don,t let do it . there is a way to do this  or i need to filter all vlans?. thanks

PD:The SU is configured as bridge mode.

in PTP mode they pass transparently, the "data vlan" strips tags off of a tagged lan. if you want them to passwithout being stripped, do nothing and you are set


Here is my configuration thanks.


In this configuration, all VLANs will pass through transparently. One thing to check would be your MTU settings under Configuration->Network. Its set to a default of 1500. You may want to bump that up to a max of 1700 if you are trying to do MPLS. 



Just wondering if the Physical switch port is simply an access port or if it needs to be a switch port?