Passing Sync router

I need to change my ip addressing when connecting up a new hill.
I want to put a router in between hills so that I can run one on a IP Range like and I want to run the other hill on a different range like
To do this I will put a router in just before the backhaul that will supply the next hill. The router will allow me to change the ip address scheme so that they can all talk.
My problem is how to pass the sync. The first hill has a CMM Micro and the sync is passed through the RJ45 cable to all radios. When I put the router in between then the Sync will no longer be passed.
I have changed the Backhaul so that it generates the Sync and it does work but every 1hour 20, I start getting the Backhauls loosing each other. They drop their connection and it takes about 5 minutes to re-register.

You should leave your BHM set to receive sync from the CMM Micro - the sync will be passed over the wireless link. At the far end you will only need to bring the sync out of the BHS via the RJ-11 port and into the AP(s) the same way. The set your AP(s) to receive sync via the timing port.


The sync is on the power pins (4, 5, 7, 8) only, not the data (1, 2, 3, 6).

Make a special cable that passes the power directly from the CMM to the Backhaul (around the router).

Data_______In out______1, 2, 3, 6
Power________________ 4, 5, 7, 8


Yah, so I slept in this morning and my brain was ignoring the part about the router. Sorry. I’d go with Jerry’s idea. Simple enough.

Your other option is to use VLANs - but that is more in depth. Help is available either way you go.


Am I wrong or is Iceman saying that he wants to pass sync from a BHM on one subnet to a BHS on another? From my understanding this can’t be done. Or maybe I’m just not understanding what he’s asking.

The only thing the subnet refers to is the IP addressing. You can have multiple radios sharing the same sync pulse but using different IP subnets. The sync and the IP subnet have nothing to do with one another.