Passing VLAN + Local DHCP to 2nd Router?

I would like to configure a 2nd R190V in a home. I can configure it successfully following most of these steps:

The issue is, on the main router, I would like to pass a Management VLAN and a Voice VLAN through to the 2nd AP, so it can be remotely checked, and so it can be used as the ATA for the house. 

How can I pass a VLAN and the local DHCP from the main router to a single port and through to the 2nd router?

Thank you, Chris

Hi Chris,

I have attached a solution for it . Can you try and let me know if it works for you ?

There is one know limitation with it .

You will need to configure 2nd Router access in http mode and will be able to access only through http.

RBN-720: Cannot access device UI in https mode when client has got IP from Interface Other in trunk-VLAN.



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I will test this soon, thank you very much. 

Let me know if it worked .

@Nilesh22 wrote:

Let me know if it worked .

Thank  you very much, you had enough details in there to get it working (My implemenation was actually a bit different than your illustration, but the fundamental components were there).

The part I was missing was for the trunk setting to work... you can't choose any ports! It would be better if the trunk option had 2 additional features: 

  • The ability to choose where the VLAN gets trunked to (LAN and SSID)
  • The ability to change VLAN tag from WAN port to LAN/SSID

Thank you very much, 


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Thanks Chrish .

I have raised one enhancement for your request .

RBN-738:The ability to change VLAN tag from WAN port to LAN/SSID

Will follow up and see if its feassible to add it .

Hi Chris,

If your still sturggling, I'd be happy to send you my configs I used when we had to do the exact same setup and have two routers on-board on cnMeastro.


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@qadir_taylor thank you for the offer. The struggle was not with how to use the routers, but that the routers didn’t support the functionality I expected. We’re trying not to use R-Series routers any longer as a result of the challenges we’ve faced with them, and their low performance:cost ratio. That said, I am looking forward to testing the AX series when it comes out.