password change template

I would like to know if there is a template for changing passwords on the ePMP radios through cnMaestro. I would like to do a mass change and this will be much quicker and most efficient. Thank you Steven

Hi Steven.

Unfortunately it is not possible today.

But we are working on this and I hope this feature will be delivered soon.

Thank you.


are there news about this feature?

It's very usefull.



First stage for this feature has been done.

As you can see in the latest ePMP Releases hashed passwords are saved in JSON configuration file.

cnMAestro team is working on this feature now and I hope it will be delivered soon.

Thank you.

Thank you guys. We're also looking forward to this as well and I'm sure many others with us. Keep up the good work.

You can start using this feature with limitations.

I mean you can configure password on one ePMP unit, then on it's configuration basis create cnMeastro configuration template.

You will not see password in clear text, but you will be able to use template with hashed password.

Thank you.

How cant I use the feature to do the password change? . I need this feature ASAP because I lost all my passwords files.