Paste ACL from TXT

I got a txt file with over 1000 porn sites that I want to block access from my AP which is e410 and e501s.
Is it possible to import it from a txt file? There is no way I’m manually going to write that many of them to DNS ACL.
Over 20 AP configured by cnmaestro.
ACL just to 1 WLAN

Try with this: AP Groups-> YOUR GROUP → Configuration → User-Definined Overrides.

If you have more AP groups to denied that sites you need to do for all of them

You need the now exact sintax (commands).


And You got me there, I’ve no idea of syntax, and can’t find it on the web… Guess I’ll have to spend 4+ hours adding sites to WLAN ACL…
Sites to block 18+ if someone ever needs it…
block-sites.txt (388.9 KB)

Or you can ad one site via cnmaestro, ssh to AP and see new added commands (or see cofiguration of AP via cnmaestro), and then adjust / add the rest of the sites in notepad and paste in user-defined overrides.

My guess is few minutes of work with notepad++ :grin:

You’re right, it is just
dns-acl deny ******.com 1
dns-acl deny ******.com 2

dns-acl deny ******.com 256
The problem is, it is limited to only 256 enters iterated (precedence).
Precedence is not needed for me at all, it just has to block all of those sites.
Is there any way to put there some more, or is it the limit for cambium?

ACL for the entire WLAN

Honestly, no one uses (or should not) the AP for this, nor is it intended for them.
You need utm / ngfw with web / url filtering functionality. Base of sites is automatically updating so you dont need to worry about new sites which are com8ng every day (just block e.g. category porn).
Everything else is just an attempt to block.

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