Path profile not working

Hello! I am using cambium link planner for a poin to point terrestrial link but the software is not generating it. What can be done in this situation?


Checkout this knowledgebase article:

That should give you all of the information that you need.



I actually followed all the steps described in the article, but path profile is not shown yet.

hello Elen,

did you register your LINKPlanner account to Cambium Networks so that you have a token that will allow to have access path profiles?

If not go to Tools tab and open Options tab

Fill in the following

Then, follow this below:

You will have a link where you will generate a token to be pasted “Access Token” space, then you shall test the profile service in the same tab. At this point, you will be able to generate path profile automatically or by going to " Projet" tab, the “Get Profile” and follow instructions.

I hope this helps.

Niragira Olympe

Please note that if “Request profiles manually” is checked then you will need to manually request the profiles. Most users leave this unchecked so that new profiles are requested whenever you create a link.

If you still have problems requesting the profiles then it is probably an issue with your proxy server or any local firewall software running on your computer.

The next step is to configure the network settings. The default option of “Use system settings” should work in most instances, but it may be necessary to configure the proxy server settings. LINKPlanner only supports “HTTP Basic” authentication, so if the proxy requires anything else, LINKPlanner cannot connect. This is most often caused by a setting with Microsoft’s proxy server, which by default only supports NTLM authentication. The preferred solution in this instance is to enable Basic authentication on the proxy.

Pay particular attention to the section in bold.