path profiler

Does anyone know which software path profiler uses? I was trying to test a link from point A to point B, and path profiler and RM both say, the link should work, but it didn’t however, the link did work some 90 metres towards the right from the point A and about 40 metres higher than the point A.

There was a void in the 3 second SRTM for that region, so I did not trust RM. To be sure I checked it in path profiler; it didn’t predict accurately though

I’d assume you are referring to our path profile tool for the high speed backhauls? If so did you adjust the noise floor in the calculator? The tool defaults to -144 dBm, I suggest that you set it to -80 dBm if the noise floor is unknown.

Next did you add trees and any other obstructions which may not have shown up?

My experience has been that the tool is very accurate. Its a tool designed by our engineers specifically for our high speed BH radios (30/60/150/300 Mbps BH’s)

Hello canopy_Support,

The noise in the area is very very low, so -144 wouldnt be any problem. There are no trees. I am shooting from a hill to plain. There is a big hill in the middle, and there is a void in 3-arc-second SRTM data for that hill range, so I used canopy path profiler.

Profiler says it is osbtruction free, when I use it on link estimator. It says even the fresnel is clear when I chose worst_earth.

May I know which software generates the path profile that is sent to us via email.

Shall I post you my coordinates