Pathloss files


Are the pathloss files for PMP450i 3GHz AP and PMP450 3.55-3.8GHz SM available for download? 


Sorry, we do not produce Pathloss files for our antennas. If needed, we do have excel tables for the antenna patterns mentioned below.

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Please sent to me the table for antennas PMP450i and Subscriber PMP450b midgain and high gain.


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I am looking for the Excel files you mentioned in this thread. Can you please send me the Excel File for the 450 Medusa 5 GHz 90 degree sector antenna? Thank you in advance for the help. It is much appreciated. 

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Chris Vainrib

Resound Networks

I have sent email to you Chris.


HI Matt,

Can I also have excel antenna files for the PMP450i AP and SM for 3GHz and 5GHz.


David (pm sent)

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Can I please have the excel sheets of antenna patterns for the PMP450i 3GHz and 5GHz 90degree AP and SM antennas. Thanks.