I am able to receive Paypal money in my paypal account, but I am not getting Internet access or a voucher code in return.  Also, on the splash page, I have the buy internet button which is useless, because paypal comes with the buy now option. 



I believe you are using a cnMaestro cloud account for this and to further debug this issue please add me to the support account of your cnMaestro account. I will gather more information about this issue from your account and get this issue resolved as soon as possible. You can go to "Add Administrator" option where you will find a way to "Add User" and there you can provide my email id "".

Thank you,


I too am having this issue with Paypal on my "On Premise" deployment. I followed the paypal setup guide on your forums but I keep getting a

Error in transaction(6xxxxxxxxxx):
Failed to validate paypal transaction

message when paypal tries to auto return me to my maestro test server. 


Good morning,
Does the paypal payment option work without errors?
I am thinking of buying 50 outdoor equipment, but I would like to know if the function is working 100%.