Pending Onboarding Disappeared

My list of devices pending to be Onboarded has disappeared.  No devices show up in the list, it's completely blank.

From what I understand, devices will stay in that list for about 1 week after being onboarded before they are cleared out. How long were they pending?

Both, more concerned about the pending onboarding devices.

Thanks for the heads up.  We were able to identify the issue and believe the system to be performing normally now.  Please let us know if that is not the case for you.

Regarding the onboarding queue list, devices that have not yet been onboarded will remain in the list indefinately until they are onboarded.  Once a device has been onboarded, it will remain in the list for 7 days to provide some history.  Lastly, you can always click on the UNCLAIM tab to see all devices with timestamps of when they were onboarded.

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We have identified the issue of device not showing in onboarding page, it is fixed now for all the customer gettting impacted in the EU region.

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