Performance Graphs (Frame Utilization Graph)

At approx 11AM MDT on Apr 26, the Frame Utilization graphs of all of my PMP450 units quit registering, and haven't come back yet. Has this happened to anyone else? If so, what was your solution to get the FU tracking back? 

We haven't heard this from anyone else yet... 

What is the monitoring software you're using?  Are you polling a specific OID via SNMP?  Which one?

Can you poll this ID manually?  Does it return anything?

How many units were affected?  Are they all the same frequency?  Same software load? Are they functioning normally aside from this?  Can you access the GUI?  Is frame utilization reported in the GUI?


Hi RP -- are you seeing this on cnMaestro Cloud or On-Premises?

1. cnMaestro

2. No

3. Everything Pings as expected

4. 8 towers in different towns are affected, all on 3.65 - 3.70.

5. Same software load: 15.0.3

6. Yes, other than this everything seems to be functioning normally.

7. I can access the GUI, and it does report FU, as does the Monitor screen on cnMaestro Cloud.

We're in the Cloud, Rob. Everything has been working great until now.

Can you provide some addtional detail to help debug?

1)  In your cnMaestro account, are you managing both PMP APs and SMs?  Or just PMP APs?

2)  In the screenshot that you provided, can you click on the "SM" tab just to the right of the "Throughput/FrameUtilization" tab?   Does the SM's plot lose date at about the same point in time?  Or does that plot continue to update (i.e. even through today, May 1st)?

3)  If you click on the device dashboard for one of these PMP APs, is the device Offline or Online?  (If it's offline, then it can't report stats such as Frame Utilization, back to cnMaestro).

What version of cnMaestro are you runninng (scroll to the bottom of the cnMaestro UI)?  What versoin of PMP AP software?


1. We are managing both APs and SMs.

2. See attached screenshot.

3. Devices are online.

4. cnMaestro V1.40.0-r12

5. All devices running V15.0.3 software.

Sorry, that Maestro version is 1.4.0-r12, not 1.40. My apologies.

Well, here's an update, good news and bad news.

The good news is I have all my graphs back on my APs after re-entering the Cambium ID and Onboarding Key. They reconnected and are starting to build graphs again. Some of the APs indicated that they were Pending Approval (although they had been approved a month ago), and others showed to be connected, so there was no pattern there. A few APs never dropped the graphs, so it appears to be random.

The bad news is that I don't know what caused them to drop out, even though many of them showed "Connected" status, so unless you looked at the uptimes or a graph, you wouldn't suspect that it wasn't connected.

 More bad news is that I have to hunt through all my SMs and see which ones are graphing Throughput, Modulation, and RSSI, and re-enter the Cambium ID and Onboarding Key. I wait five minutes for the update and click the 4-Hour graph and they are back as usual. The problem is, this is going to take an enormous amount of time.

Any ideas from the Cambium guys on a solution?

i am having sort of the same problems,

i had lots of my SM's showing offline when they never lost connection(PMP450i 900mhz & EPMP5.8)i would simply go around and click on them and they would show online again.

my PMP450i graphs stopped yesterday at 3PM and did not restart yet. will try re-entering the key like you said.

some of my Epmp are showing pending approval yet i see them in Cnmaestro

my PMP450i equipment is running 15.0.2

CnMaestro is Cloud

i will keep one AP with the problem if ever it may help troubleshooting.