Permission Levels

From the release notes of version 8.1 -

ADMINISTRATOR and INSTALLER levels of permissions are now supported. The two
permissions have identical privileges, except INSTALLER cannot add users, delete users, or
change other user’s passwords.

Does this feature even make sense to anyone? The installer can still set the unit to defaults and do whatever he/she wants with users after that.

Will anyone else miss the Read-Only access from the earlier versions like I will? I would like to give my installers and customer support people read-only access so they can see the Sessions page and such and not be able to change any AP settings. Any thoughts?


I have decided not to upgrade my network to 8.1. We use PPPoE, so all new cool features are useles to us.
We will lose:
- Read only access
- DFS will be enabled to all SMs, so we will have to manualy change eather snmp permissions, or we will have to develop perl script wich will change DFS. This will not be simple task because of the diferent settings for all clusters.
- No more configuration.html

I will miss the SM isolation option and the new GUI.