Pexas and PowerNOC

I have no faith in the BMU product from “now” It seems attractive and cost-effective but it is now costing me money.

Caveat Emptor!

Patrick K. McHugh

Could you provide more details? We just got the powernoc and we are setting up the BMUs. We did not buy the BMU hardware from them, but we do have to use the BMU software on them

Seems that that the company called PowerNOC, has split into two companies. One is called PowerCode and one is called Pexas.

I have spoken to the owner of PowerCode and he is sympathetic with my plight. It seems that PowerCode took the foundation product and has improved upon it. To be fair, PowerCode has offered to work with me and support the “appliance” I bought last August.

Some time ago, I was looking to replace a bandwidth controller I had from a company called AmplifyNET. I found and I really liked the concept and price point of the PowerNOC unit–so I bought the little appliance. It seemed to work well on my network, but when I moved it to a larger pipe with more users it stopped working. I was told by PowerNOC that I needed the PC-based version for my environment and I complied.

I held off putting it into production until a couple of weeks ago. Programing the device was kinda time consuming as I manage every IP in a 1/2 Class C network. Reluctantly, I put it into production. It seemed to work until it locked up Tuesday night. The “internet” side of the bridge also locked up my HP Router. It took several hours to be notified, so now I am paying service penalties. I actually had my equipment wired for the contingency so taking the PowerNOC device out of service actually took 2 minutes of the 8 hour downtime.

My feeling is that traffic-bridging does not work well on this device. Imagine my surprise two weeks ago, when I learned that the rev. level was exactly the same (1.6) as when I origianlly bought the little appliance a few years ago. (Kinda reminds me of MS Proxy Server 1.0.) Most frustrating-- settings could not be easily edited and any change required a reboot…tell that to VPN and real-time Interent users.

Mr. John Wright of PowerCode calmed me down a little bit. Sounds like he knows that this PowerNOC foundation is something that can be developed into a nice little WISP - software solution. He just needs to clear up any confusion between his BMU and the 1.6 - appliance version of the PowerNOC BMU.

Oh I put the little device back on my smaller network with a handful of users and it seems to be working… Fortunately I have no business-critical customers on that pipe.

Patrick McHugh
Allis Communications

Well we are having a similar problem with one of the BMU boxes. Like I said, we did not buy the hardware from them but off course, the software that runs on the bmu comes with powernoc. Out of the 12 BMU we have deployed, we have one, coincidentally the one with the most traffic, that keeps crashing. When it goes down, the screen shows something about a kernel panic and you can not even turn it off, you have to pull the power cord to be able to reboot it. The boxes are Pent. M 1.7 Ghz with 1 Gig of ram and sata hard drives. We already replaced the box with a brande new one and it did the same thing