Physical Reset on PTP850C

I am struggling to find out how to physically reset a PTP850C. Where and how is that done?

Hello Colin,

There is no factory reset button; If you cannot get into the PTP 850C, you’ll need to connect to the MGNT Port using a SPL-ETH-CBL but this is a Ceragon PN. You’ll find a lot of images in the PTP 850 C E User Guide 12.0 that still use Ceragon IP20 images.

However, I’m under the impression a Cambium Networks Protection Splitter Cable is the same.


The IP address of the 850C’s CPU is To connect, you’ll need to setup a new Local Area
Connection with an IP address as follows:
◦ IP address:
◦ Subnet mask
◦ No default gateway

Then you’ll connect one end of the cable to the Protection port of the PTP 850 unit, for PTP 850C: The Management/Protection port (P6).


Then connect the other end of the cable to the LAN port on your laptop, open up Google Crome or Microsoft Edge to

The system will prompt you for a user name and password, the default user name and password are:

Username: admin
Password: admin

Click Apply.

Here is also a snippet from a PowerPoint presentation, though I find it not as easy to understand as the instructions I’ve provided above.


Hi James
I have a IP 20 ceragon
There’s credential issue, I can’t login because password
I tried your solution but didn’t work
How can I do
I emailed ceragon company but they didn’t reply
Please help

Farhad, if it’s a Ceragon radio you have to reach out to Ceragon to help you reset the password so you can regain access to the radio.