PIDU Plus Power Supply Configurations


Just needed to know which supply does the PIDU uses primarily when both AC and DC input voltages are available? Example configuration as described:

External DC and AC configuraiton

Hi  Gerry, 

The main(AC) power supply is the primary disconnect device. The AC+DC Enhanced power injector is fused on the DC input. I mean AC input is the primary power source and DC will be secondary.

 I hope  this  helps. 

If the AC+DC Enhanced Power Injector has an AC input and a DC input, the ODU will be powered from the AC input.

The design is quite simple; a switch-mode power converter takes the AC input and generates a DC output at about 58 V DC. This is connected with the DC input and the drop cable through diodes. The DC input will power the ODU when (a) the AC input has failed or (b) the DC input is greater than 58 V. Case (b) should not happen.

Thanks Mark.