Ping failures

Has anyone seen AP’s that fail to respond to a ping request? I have a couple of AP’s on a tower, which I am currently trying to get accepted by the client. They are pinging each radio every 15 minutes, and record when it fails to respond.

The client requires to see 95% good responses, and one AP has about a 85% good response. Setup is good, the same as others. These are all 2.4 AES models.

The good thing is that data passes just fine, just doesn’t respond all the time?

Any thoughts?


What is between the AP’s and the PC’s performing the ping’s? Any hops? Have you tested the copper?

The link between the CMM micro and the pc is a liscenced 6GHz link. It is certified at 99.99999.

I have also tested all of the Cat5, (it is all shielded) and tests to spec.

Have you tried to change the speed and duplex settings?

Can you still access the http interface? I have had APs fail a ping, but only after loss of the http interface.

How are you measuring the data pass through? Are you pinging something on the distant side of the AP?