Ping times very high and Jitter

Hi, I have an Access Point with a ePMP 1000 conectorized radio and a 90° cambium sector antenna. Currently I have 65 customers using integrated radios on this ap and the ping times are over the roof, they range from 40ms to more than 500ms. With UBNT gear you solve this enabling Airmax, how can I solve this with Cambium gear?


I’m not sure which software version you are using. I recommend you use the latest version 2.2 which is available @

As for latency, try switching to “Flexible” mode under Configuration->Radio (NOTE: You cannot GPS sync in Flexible mode). If you still see high latency, then look to see if there are a lot of retransmissions on the link (check under Performance->Radio). Retransmissions will indicate that you have RF interference on the link and this will impact latency. However, even with retransmissions, you should be able achieve higher throughput on this link compared to competing products.

If you still have issues, please contact our support team @ to further troubleshoot the problem.

Did that work or did you find another solution?