Planning Link PTPU6820S with Near LOS Condition is it Possible ?

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I need confirmation about Licensed Radio Microwave with spesicfic product PTPU6820S, i have a plan to used PTPU6820S for link with distance 126 KM over the sea, but i found the problem with the K factor for earth curvature, here i attach the link calculation i'm using Pathloss 5 to calculate it and im used SD Configuration, next question is PTPU6820 fit with 4+0 SD Configuration ?

Why are you not using LINKPlanner? You can get it for FREE here:

This link will not work with PTP 820S, since PTP 820S doesn't support space diversity.

I suggest planning this link with PTP 820G, since PTP 820G supports 1+1 HSB w/SD.

What are your throughput and availability requirements?


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i'm not used LinkPlanner because the customer, he achieved calculation from licensed software transmission planning.

with PTP820G is it possible with this link ? my requirements for this link : Availability 99,97% Minimum and Maximum 99,99% for througput they suggestions used 256QAM with configuration 4+0 SD, how about that is PTP820G possible to used, i need confirmation from cambium exactlly before im giving the solution to them (Customer)

Please see the attached file for a start.

This link requires diversity because it is over water.

PTP 820S does not support space diversity.

You have two options: C or G.

PTP 820C uses LoS MIMO functionality to support SD.

PTP 820G uses 1+1 HSB functionality to support SD. It is slightly simpler.

To increase your throughput, put one 1+1 HSB w/SD link on one polarity, and put another 1+1 HSB w/SD link on the other polarity.

You'll have to model the final project in Pathloss, since LINKPlanner doesn't yet support SD links with antennas larger than 6 ft.

Please contact me offline and I can help you model this link in Pathloss. (But it may take me a few days--I'm travelling now!)


I forgot to mention that we need to raise the antenna heights so that the link clears the earth's curvature (and worst earth curvature as well).

You may not be able to achieve these heights--let me me know.