Plastic Covers...

Ok, a dumb suggestion but to me it’s really annoying.

When I’m up on a tower working on one of my Canopy systems, removal
of the plastic cover is essential. The problem is, where to put it?
I always have to try and find a pocket to put it in while working.

Why not make the plastic housing on top of the Canopy taper slightly on
the top so we can set the cover on there without dropping it (which I have

That’s not a bad idea. I have a pouch on my climbing belt or usually have a nose-bag up with me for tools and such that I can throw the cover in. I have been known to hold it in my mouth while working - those corners are pointy though!! Haven’t dropped on yet… :smiley:


I suggest a dummy cord. The cord is attached to the radio, and the cover. Remove the cover and allow it to hang by the dummy cord and then when mainteance is complete reinstall the cover. This way you don’t have to find a place to put it and at the same time, you don’t lose it.

They could make the cover to swing open instead of sliding it off, that way we don’t have to take off the cover from the module.

I like the “dummy cord” idea. A small ring or hole in the bottom cover is all we need. We could tie a stout bit of fishing line between the cap and the mounting bracket.

Done deal.

For the price of these units, Motorola can afford to add a nice, stainless
dummy cord for us…Or taper the top.

We use Pelco dome cameras and they have a short (about 4") stainless
cable attached to the dome so that the dome can hang down when
servicing the camera.

I really like to covers on the 900Mhz radios with integrated antennas. There is a loop on the side of the cover, I simply put a nylon UV wire tie through the loop and leave it loose. When I remove the cover, it hangs on the tie and is there when I need it. It should be a no-brainer to add this little loop to the other Canopy radios. They have a good idea, just haven’t spread it to the other models.